groenendael male, born. 3.3.2010
Hips A/A, elbows, shoulders, back and eyes healthy.
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Riku is available for breeding to suitable females!

Riku’s owner Hanna Saari tells about Riku:

Riku is a very impressive, selfconfident and stable male with very strong nerves. He has lots of drives and likes to work with the handler. He has a good appetite and likes to play with toys, so he is quite easy to train with.
Riku trains IPO, and he has done historical results in that sports as a groenendael: He has made 3 times IPO3-result, and every one of them is made in the Championships level. Every time he has taken part in an IPO-trial he has always made a result!
He has made two times IPO3 in the Finnish Championships for Belgians in IPO (2013 and 2014), and 2014 he competed also in the World Championships for Belgians in IPO (FMBB Wildcard) and made a good result IPO3 there. In the wintertime he has competed in the skijoring and has a silver medal in the relay race in the Finnish Championships 2013.
Riku has very strong drives and also some dominance. He is social towards people. He is also quite calm in his temperament, which makes him a very nice dog in everyday life. In the training field he shows his strong drives and working power. He is never afraid of any noises etc, for example of fireworks in the New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t stress about new places, is always at home also in new and strange places. Anyway, he likes to guard powerful his own places like the car or our garden. For his whole life he has been very healthy.
Riku has very good qualities for IPO: He is very selfconfident, has a stable, full grip and he also likes to dominate the helper. To be the perfect dog for obedience, he could be a little more temperamentic. On the other hand, because of his strong nerves, he is always a very reliable dog in the trials. At the same time he makes a very good family dog at home: for his whole life, he has lived with our 2 other Belgian Shepherd males together in our house and he also gets really well along with our two little children. For me, he is the best dog I could ever have imagined to have one day!

Riku in the FMBB 2014, C87. Video Tomi Kuisma.

Riku in the Finnish Championships for Belgians 2013: C90



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