About us


Our family

In our family there are me (Maria), my husband Mika, our four children and couple of Belgian shepherd dog.
We live in northern Finland in a seaside town called Raahe in a house surrounded by fields and forests.


My first groenendael Misty (Swartswolf’s Chariot) was a little over one year old when she came to me year 1994. I started obedience and search training with her. She was natural talent! We practised and competed a couple of years (Misty get working champion titleat search) until Misty diagnosed as epileptic and she had to retire. Misty slept away January 2006.

Year 1996 came groenendael-puppy, Iwak (Black Master’s Icicle Man). He is a real amateurs dreamdog; Iwak is very brave, he loves people and playing games and have big capasity to function. We competed at search (Iwak get working champion title) and protection work (result SchH2). Iwak slept away summer 2010, fourteen years old.

In 1997 admitted FCI us kennelname HIGH-SPIRITED, which describes well character features we want to take care of.

Jyly 2001 we got Sara (Kare-saran Saffron), puppy out of Iwak’s first litter. Sara was beautiful dog. She was very successfull at shows and becames champion. Sara was competing at tracking with JK2 result.
Older age my friend Tarja started to train obedience with Sara, and finally Sara moved to live with Tarja. Sara slept away year 2011.

In 2004 my long-time dream comes true; together with Saara Kares we import from Sweden puppy named Devi (Belgerac Daredevil). Devi’s father is out of working malinois lines. Devi is terrific female, she is well-balanced with very good nerves and lots of drive.
She have three litter. A-litter have continue to breeding in our kennel.

Our goal is to breed social and brave working groenendaels with lots of drive, suited to work all kind of dog sports. Out of working malinois lines we have found abilities we revere- so also in future our breeding choices will emphasized to working line belgians.

For more information, please contact:

Maria & Mika Peltomaa
maria.peltomaa (a) gmail.com